what is iBoard?
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What is iBoard?

iBoard is a piece of software that I have been developing in my spare time for a year and a few months now. My goal is to make it comparable to a solution such as phpBB or Invision Power Board, and ultimately to make it as configurable and customizable as possible.

I started this project when I was doing work for another site, and was trying to modify phpBB so that I could add some things to it, and basically integrate it into my design easily. I found that the code was somewhat difficult to understand, and that modifying phpBB to integrate with my site's design (not to mention the process of creating new templates) was more difficult than I felt it needed to be. Hence, I started working on my own forum software, which is what we have here.

While iBoard is still in its infancy right now, I want to eventually add as many features to it as possible, and to make it a useful piece of software for the general public. Any suggestions are welcome in the Community forum (not yet open, still have to add some security to it), just post on the Ideas and Suggestions board.

iBoard is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.

- Spoom
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